We are currently looking for people to add to our team of partners. We are in the process of building a team of people who will pray for us regularly, people who will be a part of our 'Home Front' team and can help out in practical ways, distributing newsletters, promoting us among friends and colleagues, and also a team of financial partners who support us on a regular monthly basis. None of the work we do would be possible without our amazing team of ministry partners.


Every YWAM worker, including the founder, Loren Cunningham, raises enough funds to meet his or her own financial needs. For most people in YWAM, these funds come from friends, family and churches who contribute financially. Other YWAMers rely on their own savings, part-time jobs, foreign employment, small businesses or even, in the case of some of our older staff, pension income.


YWAM has purposely chosen to emphasize personal support raising as the primary means of funding for it's staff. Although YWAM recognises there are many other valid ways of financing ministry, the way we have chosen is based on Biblical principles and has enabled them to include tens of thousands of people each year from over 130 countries in the task of fulfilling the Great Commission.


It's also a financial model that enables many important ministries to exist in our world today. Just as the staff of a church or a community service organization relies on donations to pay their salary, so YWAM staff also rely on financial partners to meet their financial needs.


We believe, and have experienced over and over, that personal support raising provides many benefits to us. It creates a close bond between the financial partner and us the workers in the field, it helps us experience God's faithfulness in tangible ways, and when combined with a commitment to pray as well as to give, it provides powerful teamwork that results in encouragement for us and supernatural blessing on our ministries.





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We are members of Globe-UK, a missions sending agency, serving the body of Christ by helping churches and missionaries to fulfil the great commission. To partner with us please send any funds through Globe-UK where you can give by PayPal or Credit/Debit card or set up a standing order in just a few clicks of your mouse.


The Globe-UK website can be found HERE then select DONATE

If you are a UK taxpayer, you can increase the value of your donation by 25% at no extra cost to yourself.  If you complete a Gift Aid form (on the Globe-UK website click on Donate and then GIFT-AID), Globe-UK can reclaim from HMRC the tax you will already have paid on your donation.


If you are in the USA you can make a tax efficient donation through the Globe International website by clicking HERE and following the on-screen instructions.


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There isn't actually any coffee invovled, but it is a friendly easy way to send us support where each 'Coffee' represents $5 / 4,50 € / £4.15