GLOBE-UK is a missions agency that seeks to assist the Body of Christ to fulfil the Great Commission.


GLOBE-UK takes the Gospel beyond the borders of European culture to people who do not have a living experience with Jesus Christ.  They are encouraged to accept him as Lord and Saviour and to organise themselves in local churches.  These churches are encouraged to grow under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and to send out their own missionaries.  In working among the needy people in the world, GLOBE-UK also helps to meet many humanitarian needs through various mercy ministries.


GLOBE missionaries are involved in: 


  • Church planting

  • Establishing Bible schools

  • Ministry to orphans and widows

  • Evangelism

  • Distribution of Bibles and Christian literature

  • Medical missions

  • Leadership training

  • Mercy ministries to the poor







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Transforming Lives : Equipping the Body



Our first objective is to support the sending churches in the UK and to assist them in fulfilling the Great Commission.  This takes place particularly through: 


  • Conducting workshops and missions conferences

  • Promoting missionaries and missions projects

  • Helping churches develop a missions policy

  • Distributing information, leaflets and books that focus on world missions

  • Understanding and practising "faith promise giving"

  • Service to the Missionaries



After a church has confirmed the missionary's call and accepted the responsibility of sending him or her out, our second objective is to serve the church and the missionary by taking care of specialised administrative tasks such as:


  • Assisting with missionary placement

  • Training missionaries for cross-cultural ministry

  • Advising missionaries regarding insurances, social security and other vital matters

  • Handling administrative tasks, including financial responsibility and accountablity to donors and missionaries

  • Distributing newsletters

  • Supporting missionaries in legal matters

  • Providing missionary care